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Latsco Marine Management Inc

We have been associated with Safe Lanes since over 6 years. In these times they have rendered various services to our company, from onboard audits, Remote VDR analysis, Office assessment and Procedure simplification (Simplified Safety Management System).

Safe Lanes has always been proactive in delivering their service offerings basis need of the industry and enhancing the work scope basis new regulations and industry requirements and recommendations.

Team Safe Lanes has always demonstrated good communication and conduct, while delivering their services and the work quality has always been good.

Overall, working with Safe Lanes assists us to improve our management systems raising our quality standards by working with a high-quality professional team.

Red Sea Marine Services

The support that Safe Lanes has provided us in the last five years has covered TMSA2/3 and strengthened the foundation of the company and prepared it to undertake successful Management Reviews and has led to an overall improvement to the systems.

The navigational audits undertaken at sea, the VDR analysis reports, and in port navigational audits conducted professionally and to high standards, gave us a benchmark for comparison and helped improve the procedures and covered gaps that were identified enhancing the standards of safe navigation.

The ISM related shipboard and office audits have also given us an opportunity for comparison with internally held audits and added value to the system.


We are cooperating with Safe Lanes for approximately two years.

Throughout this period, SL have accommodated efficiently and with quality almost all of our requests. Some of the requests were of very short notice and with strict deadline.

The communication with every member of the Safe Lanes team has been impeccable.

Thank you for your assistance and deliverables so far. Hopefully, our collaboration will continue for a prolonged period

Estoril Navigation Ltd

Our company has been introduced to the variety of services provided by "Safe Lanes" in 2017 and since then we have been closely cooperating with them on every aspect which modern tanker industry necessitates.

A wide variety of products, solutions and material truly embody the concept of a holistic approach to any demand a tanker management company may be presented with.

Innovation through their "SAIL" module as well as tailor made training seminars provided both on board as well as ashore to seafarers and company personnel, coupled with a deep knowledge of industry rules, regulations and requirements, furnish strong tools in the hands of a shipping company, much needed to advance and well establish their management techniques.

Manual development, pre-vetting inspections, Navigational audits, pre-purchase inspections and a variety of other services have been performed on various occasions on account of our company, with great results and proper instructive approach to our seafarers and office personnel.

Last but not least, their worldwide network of associates has enabled us to remain on top of developing situations on our vessels whenever our own superintendent presence was impossible, ensuring the safekeeping of our company's quality standards.



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