Art of Team Building
One of the age-old rituals during the festival of Janmashtami is to break open an earthen pot, filled with fresh butter or yoghurt, hung at a height not accessible by an individual.
So how is it done?
To understand, let’s take a look at the activities involved in achieving this task.
A group of people from diverse fields comes together to form a team, with shared vision and clarity of role. Strategic planning helps them to understand each other’s strengths and potential limiters, bringing Self and Team Awareness.
After days of practice and continuous improvement the team develops trust amongst members which helps them being committed to each other and to achieve the final goal. Moreover, every individual learns to take accountability for their roles and collaborate to form a close-knit human pyramid, popularly known as Dahihandi.
During the pyramid formation, the team is exposed to external factors such as heat and water. Despite no verbal communication, each member exhibits a ‘Team Act’ and works to overcome all challenges during the act.
The joy of achievement after completion of this, seemingly impossible, task is unparalleled! It gives us an insight of what any organization can achieve if they can drive their teams to follow three elements viz., Self and Team awareness, Shared vision and values, and Clarity of Roles and Processes
Do you have any examples of how you might have tackled a work situation through visible leadership and teamwork?

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