Until a few years ago, this was the definite mantra of keeping individuals and organizations up-to date, keeping them relevant. The year 2020 drastically changed all of it. It made us question what we had learnt. It made us all reinvent ourselves. The global pandemic that put a halt in the running of the world came as a blessing in disguise to us at Safe Lanes.
It wasn’t a walk in the park, of course. When we started Safe Lanes in 2013, we were focused on auditing services. And that meant tremendous travelling for all our team members, almost 70% of our work was travel-based. However, when the pandemic hit and travelling became a thing of the past, we were forced to pause and think. Think about how we would continue to function effectively. Think about how we can continue to add value to our esteemed clients’ business. While we all endured the ‘no work, pay-cuts and staring into the void wondering about the future’ phase, we also saw newer opportunities. This phase helped us diversify our offerings.
Diversification of services also meant onboarding new people with required skillset. And thus, our team went on increasing! It won’t be wrong to say that we were on our way to becoming a global family!
This new phase that started in middle of the pandemic presented us with its own set of challenges. Remote working was something that we were all getting introduced to! And naturally, that meant we had to bring in our renewed A game in ensuring deliveries, channelising the outcomes and not letting our clients down, no matter the difficulties.
Our learnings from these past two years have truly set us on the course towards our vision. Although our vision had always been the creation of a complete ecosystem that would benefit our clients, we had never truly had an opportunity or a reason to venture into things beyond our set course of offerings. And yet, today, we can proudly say that with our services having moved out of their previous box and have started to shape up into an interdependent ecosystem that has the potential to survive on its own. We learnt that there are no limitations bigger than the ones we subject ourselves to. No barriers can ever lock up imagination and most important of all, no task is impossible when the right team is at it!
The challenges that lie ahead of us, in fact, motivate us. We have already embarked upon the journey of equipping our team with role based trainings, because after all, humanfactor is an essential part of our functioning, just as much!
Here is to many more years of building safety for all!

Rachit Jain
Safe Lanes